Monday, March 12, 2012


Nothing says spring like a bucket of peeps!

We were at D&B checking out the cost of fencing materials to fence in two sections of our yard that are for some reason without fence, while the rest of the yard is surrounded, to keep Tobi (our dog) in.

Our eyes and our feet strayed to the chick area. The chick pens were empty but we picked up a couple of magazines on raising chickens. At the check out there was a lady buying chicken coop supplies and we got to talking. She said the chicks were in at PGG and Riley begged to go look at them. So off we went, just to look! Riley shares my love of hobby farming. Don't know why but wherever I can, I try to have a chicken coop. Had one on Fifth Street, was building one on South Valley, and we're working on one here on Fir.

PGG had several varieties but we walked out without any because we weren't ready for them. We are in the midst of building a little chicken coop but no where near done. The rainy and snowy days have hindered our progress. After some discussion we decided we could put them in a bucket, a smaller version of whaat they were in at the store. So after getting it ready, we went back to the store and picked out six little peeps. We set them up in this bucket, and after a couple of days moved them to a larger container. They are noisy little birds, but cute.

Riley wanted to name them, and Zoey had a few suggestions. She said since there were six we should name them Monday through Saturday and have their last name be 'Dinner'. (i.e. Monday Dinner...) Riley was not amused. I came up with Eggy, Eggbert, and the like, but Riley went more for names like Freddy and Spencer, and Eli named one Bobby. Yes, they are hopefully girls, so lets hope they are secure in their henhood.

Guess we better hope for some sunshine so we can get their coop ready before they are big enough to fly out of their current digs, (or is it 'fly the coop'?)

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