Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Memorable Memorial Day

For my birthday the kids wanted to take me up to Morgan Lake and spend some time there. I always forget what a pretty little lake it is.

 Max was anxious to show off his fishing skills. As soon as he hopped out of the truck he grabbed his pole and headed for the shore, cast his line and immediately hooked a tree. He spent the next several minutes fixing his line.

It took several minutes, and we were all hungry so we broke out the food, ate and watched him.

Eventually we moved spots to a place that had a picnic table and an actual fire pit. We got a fire going and I sat back to enjoy the view with everything I need to enjoy myself.

Max hooked his leg and spent some more time working on his line. As soon as he got it fixed Zoey cast it with such vigor that the line snapped and he was back to fixing it.

Soon he grew weary of working on his line and decided to splash the littles while they played in the lake.
After the little guppies tried to warm up by the fire, we put it out and headed back down the mountain. It was a rather pleasant afternoon with my chilies.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A vignette

Lilac season is basically over. (you can barely see the bouquet of lilacs I picked in that jar to the right of the candle.)  My next favorite flower to bloom will be peonies. Love those. I discovered we have a bush in the front of the house. Yeah! The other flower I really love but we don't really have around here is hydrangeas. We have a rose bush on the side of the house, don't know what color yet. Waiting with bated breath. (or would that be baby's breath, in the spirit of the discussion!)

See that fat candle? I got it for $3 at a yard sale, never been lit. The magazine rack is the side rail to a vintage baby crib, and the little stand is a metal office or hospital stand that I use for storing phone books, my sewing kit, and an extension cord I need often when working on projects. Just when my kids think I couldn't possibly fit any more into our rabbit hutch, I manage!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Silver Lining

Those of you who know me well know that I love old silver in any form; silverware, trays, salt and pepper shakers, pitchers, etc.

Several years ago I got some silver ware jewelry from the Portland Saturday Market. I don't get there very often, in fact it's been years. So I was happy to stumble upon an etsy shop full of items made from old silverware. The shop is called TheSilverCraftsman, and the shop owner is a 14 year old boy named Sheldon! Yep! I have my heart set on this little lovely...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sew Easy

There have been some really cute and really easy sewing ideas on Pinterest lately so I thought I would try one out. It's a cute little bib for a baby, and of course I have the cutest granddaughter ever, so I decided to make up a few for Ella.

So I went to Walmart and picked out some cute fabrics.

I thought the black patterned fabrics at the top would look cute with this outfit:

See, I told you, the cutest granddaughter ever!
I cut and sewed and ruffled and button holed, and this is my first one.

I made it so you can use both sides, this is the other side.

The next couple should be easier now that I have worked out the kinks! Lucky Ella!