Thursday, April 29, 2010

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation is May 3rd through 7th. While perusing my friend Rachel's blog I found these cute ideas for showing appreciation to the teachers in your life.So dang cute and so easy and inexpensive to do!
So show some love to those who spend hours each day guiding your children in their education.
Even I can afford one of these ideas and I am beyond broke!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My life was getting too complicated to document on four blogs. Go figure! So, I decided to condense all that fabulous information to share onto one blog, the olde stone cottage one, at which you have arrived. So Welcome!

Right now I'm desperately on the job hunt and mighty stressed out about it.

All the times before when Jeff has moved out I have had a job, so haven't had to worry about things like homelessness or lack of utilities, etc. I'm having yardsales and Sister Shic sales to get some extra 'bones' as Lexy likes to call money. But still, times are getting desperate.

I have two jobs that I'm waiting to hear on, and if neither of them pans out, yikes! So, it's no wonder I have a permanent knot in my shoulder that hurts and needs several rubs from my chillies (my nickname for my kids) during the day.

The photo on this entry is a reminder to self to enjoy the view and trust that things will work out. Hmmm. OK.