Friday, June 10, 2011

All white alweady!

Thought I would show you what I've been up to. Of course we moved again and I got rid of a lot of stuff. I'm trending toward a white decor with some touches of brown. Ugh, I know, I have hated brown as a decorating color for ever. But guess we can change. So what you are seeing is my beautiful lamp shade atop my vintage lamp. I saw the shade idea at Farm Chicks last year and thought I could replicate the look. Turns out I could. I love it!
This creme 'dough' bowl I've had for a few years and like it on my table. Kind of a farm style look to my shabby glam.

I've had the corner cupboard for a few years and finally painted it white. It is sooo cute!

And then a hint of what I am going for in "new" dishes. Still my love of old silverware, but now paired with creme, white and brown dishes. They can be all creme, all white, or combined with brown like these little salad plates. I am also collecting the brown and white Oregon dinner plates, so if you see any on your out and abouts, pick them up for me!

Signs of Spring

The calendar says its almost summer, so I went in search of signs of Spring to ensure that we actually had one! This is what I found.

Some delicious Rhubarb from which I've already made two yummy pies, and this beautiful blooming "cotton candy" tree that to me was the perfect tree.