Monday, March 26, 2012

Inertia for Egg Heads

It was science fair time at Central School again. My least favorite activity they have at school mainly because it's difficult to find a science project that hasn't been done a million times and is fairly easy to do.
We searched some sites for kids and eventually came up with this one, (below) which we edited .
We titled it "Inertia for Egg Heads" and Riley did a good job of laying out her process on the poster board. She also had on hand a couple of eggs, one raw and one hard boiled, for people to try and guess which was which based on the principles explained in her Inertia presentation.

The photo above is of the marble roller coaster her class group also put together for the science fair. She spent a few days after school working on it.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Family Ties

Lexy and Ella came to visit for a couple of days while Eric stayed home to study for finals and finish up some school work. Not only was it a nice chance to have all my kids home, it was a good opportunity to get some more projects done!

Lexy helped me hang some burlap curtains I'd been wanting to hang in the kitchen and living room. Max helped as well. He was the lumber jack cutting just the right branches. And by helping I mean they did the work while I bossed them around.

Max also changed several light bulbs that had burned out. He was finally home for more than a few hours so I could capture his tallness for my benefit.

Eli spent most of the time doing what he usually does, playing on the computer or his video games. He came out for snacks every once in awhile and would say hello to Ella on his way through.

Riley had softball practice and tryouts to see what team she will be on. She met a new friend who thought Riley was pretty cool and hoped would be on her team.

Zoey was on her phone as usual, but she also took some time to hold Ella and show her the ropes of iphones. Notice the burlap curtains behind them.

Max worked his charm on the little Ella bug. She thought he was so funny. It was cute. All in all a nice couple of days. Lexy said it reminded her of why she is glad she is grown up and out on her own. Thanks Lexy!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Nothing says spring like a bucket of peeps!

We were at D&B checking out the cost of fencing materials to fence in two sections of our yard that are for some reason without fence, while the rest of the yard is surrounded, to keep Tobi (our dog) in.

Our eyes and our feet strayed to the chick area. The chick pens were empty but we picked up a couple of magazines on raising chickens. At the check out there was a lady buying chicken coop supplies and we got to talking. She said the chicks were in at PGG and Riley begged to go look at them. So off we went, just to look! Riley shares my love of hobby farming. Don't know why but wherever I can, I try to have a chicken coop. Had one on Fifth Street, was building one on South Valley, and we're working on one here on Fir.

PGG had several varieties but we walked out without any because we weren't ready for them. We are in the midst of building a little chicken coop but no where near done. The rainy and snowy days have hindered our progress. After some discussion we decided we could put them in a bucket, a smaller version of whaat they were in at the store. So after getting it ready, we went back to the store and picked out six little peeps. We set them up in this bucket, and after a couple of days moved them to a larger container. They are noisy little birds, but cute.

Riley wanted to name them, and Zoey had a few suggestions. She said since there were six we should name them Monday through Saturday and have their last name be 'Dinner'. (i.e. Monday Dinner...) Riley was not amused. I came up with Eggy, Eggbert, and the like, but Riley went more for names like Freddy and Spencer, and Eli named one Bobby. Yes, they are hopefully girls, so lets hope they are secure in their henhood.

Guess we better hope for some sunshine so we can get their coop ready before they are big enough to fly out of their current digs, (or is it 'fly the coop'?)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Easter Idea

You have probably seen the ideas for snow globes made from jars. I made some a few years ago and they were cute. I have been collecting jars to make some more.

But now I don't have to wait until Christmas to use those jars. I came across this idea while cruising on pinterest. So cute! And what a fun, new idea for Easter. I think I'll make some up for the chillies and hide them for them to find. (These are also great ideas for visiting teaching gifts, primary, neighbors, or friends that you want to do a little something for.)

Ya, my kids still look for eggs and baskets. All of them. It's just something you don't want to grow out of.

I remember when my brother and I were home from our missions and living in Utah for a while with the Rents. Mom hid easter eggs and baskets for us, just like when we were kids and we loved it! I think we looked a bit silly to the neighbors, however, some who watched from their yards and yelled out smart remarks over their fences. And we heard about it later that day in church. Oh well, we knew how to have fun.

It's a tradition I continue on with my kids, no matter how old they are getting.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Fever

There are so many things I am looking forward to about spring. Top of the list is yard sales, of course. I love the thrill of the hunt!
I also look forward to Rhubarb! Yep! Rhubarb. It makes a great pie!
I love seeing the trees bloom out around town. We have a tree in our backyard that looks like it will bloom, so I'm excited to see what kind of tree it is.
And I look forward to spring flowers. Love lilacs, hydrangeas, peonies, and of course the early bloomers of crocus, daffodils, and tulips.
Come on Spring!

Friday, March 2, 2012

How many people does it take to hang a chandelier?

Lexy, Eric and Ella came over for the President's weekend and we had fun just hanging out. Of course I had a few "activities" for the kids to do.

They hung a chandelier, or actually changed out the screws to shorter ones so it would fit closer to the ceiling.

We took photos of Zoey for her Senior yearbook.

We cuddled and coddled baby Ella.

And just generally had a good time hanging out together.