Tuesday, June 23, 2009


On my last yardsale outing I really scored! Every sale had something I wanted or needed! The kids were staying the night with Lexy at her apartment, having a movie and pizza night before she headed back to college, so Jeff and I headed out to enjoy the morning kid free.

I bought this bed frame at a previous sale a few weeks ago, but it didn't have the side rails. This last weekend I found some siderails to go with. They were $25 , which I thought was a bit spendy, but they were needed. This little beauty is going to be a daybed on my back deck.

I found two of these pillows for my trailer, at $1 apiece. Very cool!

Got this pink and brown fabric for .50 cents. I plan to make some curtains and/or pillows for the trailer.

Got this vintage bag for $1. I plan to take it to my "Sisters on the Fly" campout as a flea market item.

These little beauties were just $5 for the pair, and work great on the front covered patio/walkway.

These I got as a craft make over project, a vintage laundry 'stirrer' and a dustpan. Someone painted them in a watermelon theme, but for $1 each I figured I could give them a shabby chic vintage makeover.

We got this little chair for $5, and the guy threw in the desk for free. I think it may be a telephone stand or something in it's next life.

I have been wanting to make a coat rack pole, had torn out ideas from magazines for my future pole project. But I found this one for $3! All it needs is a new paint job and rusty hooks!

This rooster was $1 and the metal cabinet was a freebie!

These gorgeous egg like knobs were .75 cents a piece! I have been wanting new/old knobs for the kitchen and loved these!