Sunday, March 18, 2012

Family Ties

Lexy and Ella came to visit for a couple of days while Eric stayed home to study for finals and finish up some school work. Not only was it a nice chance to have all my kids home, it was a good opportunity to get some more projects done!

Lexy helped me hang some burlap curtains I'd been wanting to hang in the kitchen and living room. Max helped as well. He was the lumber jack cutting just the right branches. And by helping I mean they did the work while I bossed them around.

Max also changed several light bulbs that had burned out. He was finally home for more than a few hours so I could capture his tallness for my benefit.

Eli spent most of the time doing what he usually does, playing on the computer or his video games. He came out for snacks every once in awhile and would say hello to Ella on his way through.

Riley had softball practice and tryouts to see what team she will be on. She met a new friend who thought Riley was pretty cool and hoped would be on her team.

Zoey was on her phone as usual, but she also took some time to hold Ella and show her the ropes of iphones. Notice the burlap curtains behind them.

Max worked his charm on the little Ella bug. She thought he was so funny. It was cute. All in all a nice couple of days. Lexy said it reminded her of why she is glad she is grown up and out on her own. Thanks Lexy!

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