Sunday, September 23, 2012

A door able

Remember this old thing? Months ago after making and hanging the shutters I promised I would do something with this door? Well finally I did.
The screen in the top was held on with duct tape. The metal part of the door had various drips of different paints, scuffs, and such. It just was a boring eyesore that I wanted to fix up a bit and make it more welcoming. 
The door got the same paint makeover as the shutters. I am a lover of white, but the white front door was actually just a primed door and meant to be painted, and with a white door and white house, it just was nothing special.

I repaired the screen, doing away with the need for duct tape, and painted the door, making it stand out less and have a cleaner, neater look. You get the benefit of our fall decorations with this photo, and if you look closely, my reflection in the screen window taking this photo. Scroll back up to the top and then down to this photo and you have to say, it does look a bit better.  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shabulous Too!

In  May I sold my 1959 Aristocrat Vintage trailer. I didn't want to, but desperate times call for desperate measures and I had bills to pay. I resigned myself to it, watched her new owners haul her away, and moved on. I didn't know when or if I would be able to afford to buy another one, even if it was only $100, ( like my daughter Lexy's.)

But I still longed for a trailer and Sister adventures so every once in awhile I would browse Craigslist to see what was out there and what they were selling for. There was a fifth wheel trailer that was used as a chicken coop that was free to whoever brought the owner a case of beer and hauled the trailer away. I contemplated it, even arranged for towing it home, but in the end decided I really didn't want to deal with the whole fifth wheel thing, needing a hitch in the bed of a pickup, etc. I decided to just stop looking because even if I saw one I liked, I did not have two red cents to rub together to get it.

Fast  forward to Monday of this week. In church the previous day they announced that a lady that attends our church was moving to California to be nearer to her kids and she had lots of things for free, like a free yard sale. I really wanted to go look but had no gas in my car and no money to buy any, so I called up my friend Karen, hitched a ride with her and off we went Monday morning.

Several people had apparently gone out Sunday after church, but there was still plenty of good stuff left. I got a box full of old sheet music, a vintage ice chest, vintage fan, vintage metal Gott cooler, among other things. Naturally I saw a trailer parked under a fruit tree and just out of curiosity asked if they were selling it. No, they said, they were taking it to the recycling center and getting some money for the scrap metal. Well that made me sad, but even if they were willing to sell it, I had not one dollar to offer. But I went about looking through the free goodies to take my mind off of it.

A few minutes later my friend Karen said "Sandra, are you going to kill me? I got the trailer for free if you want it." Kill her? I could kiss her! Of course I wanted it! She is a 41 year old gal with some mileage on her but not beyond help. (The trailer that is, not my friend Karen!)

You can barely see the crown on the middle panel, but when I am finished with her, you'll be able to see it clearly.

It appears as though someone might have backed into the door, and there is crusty tree droppings all over her, but she'll clean up ok. On the inside everything is there, the cushions, the light covers, the table led and latches, the works.

Even the linoleum floor is intact and she had a title. So there is potential. I'll start with a good cleaning and go from there. Stay tuned for the makeover pictures and the final result, eventually. But she's mine!