Saturday, May 26, 2012

A vignette

Lilac season is basically over. (you can barely see the bouquet of lilacs I picked in that jar to the right of the candle.)  My next favorite flower to bloom will be peonies. Love those. I discovered we have a bush in the front of the house. Yeah! The other flower I really love but we don't really have around here is hydrangeas. We have a rose bush on the side of the house, don't know what color yet. Waiting with bated breath. (or would that be baby's breath, in the spirit of the discussion!)

See that fat candle? I got it for $3 at a yard sale, never been lit. The magazine rack is the side rail to a vintage baby crib, and the little stand is a metal office or hospital stand that I use for storing phone books, my sewing kit, and an extension cord I need often when working on projects. Just when my kids think I couldn't possibly fit any more into our rabbit hutch, I manage!

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  1. You know if you come to my wedding I will have close to a hundred centerpieces that have hydrangea in them. I am sure we will need someone to take a few at the end :)