Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Table This!

Look what I found! I was working today and took someone to look at an apartment, and behold, in the kitchen of one of the apartments was this lovely little table that had been used as a kitchen island. I commented on it and the manager said I could have it! Music to my ears! Picture her with a lovely shabby chippy coat of white on her. Bliss! And you can't tell from the photo, but it pulls apart and has a leaf, making it square if you want. The leaf is stored out of sight under the table top. Precious! Now the dilemma, do I keep it once it's rehabbed, or will she show up at our summer Chick Market at Aggies in Union, August 14? Hmmm, you'll have to wait and see.


  1. Did you observe that when I asked you if you were going to paint it, I didn't ask what color?? I already knew....silly woman! Good find!

  2. Tell me about the Chick Market. Location, time?