Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Out With the Olde

We didn't get a card and letter in the mail, I was thinking instead of doing a recap here so I could include photos and take my time with it. By all accounts you could say it must have been a bad year. Marriage problems, health problems, money problems, the works. But instead it has been one of the best years for its simplicity and simple pleasures. We had to move into a cozy little duplex, smaller than we have ever lived in. At times we of course get on eachothers' nerves, but mostly we just enjoy hanging out together. The saving grace is a huge yard where the kids can burn off some energy.

In January, my first grandchild was born, Ella Maur. She is a joy and delight and brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart every time I see her. We were fortunate to live close enough to visit every few weeks but in August we got lucky and Lexy and her family moved to La Grande while her husband continues his schooling. We love having them close!
Zoey made it through her senior year! Yea! She was ready to graduate and move on with life. After graduation she went on a trip to Disneyland with her aunt Stephanie and her cousins Morgan, McKinna and Halee.  Soon after graduation she moved into an apartment with her friend Makayla. They both work at Burger King, were  Zoey is in training to be a supervisor at the ripe old age of 18! She bought herself a pickup and has been enjoying growing up for the most part.
 Our little Zoey

Zoey, and her two good friends from high school, Hannah and Kate.

Max has been all about duck hunting. He eats, breathes and talks about duck hunting. He was able to go with a friend and his on a snow goose hunt to South Dakota, and will probably get to take another hunting trip to Canada in the Spring. He worked at Burger King over the summer and bought himself most of his duck hunting equipment, including waders and a new shotgun. He does take time out for wrestling and hanging with his buds, but mostly he and his buds hang out in the marsh hunting ducks!
 Max in all is camo. You probably can't see him. :)
 The South Dakota hunt!
Probably the biggest thing to happen for Max this year, though, was getting his diver's license. Oh the freedom he has enjoyed. The only down side is he thinks he is the best driver on the road. NOT!

Riley started 6th grade at the middle school and has made some new friends while still keeping her familiar friends. She sings in the choir and is looking forward to playing volleyball. She has started babysitting and enjoys earning her own money. She really wanted a phone for Christmas so we got her one that you have to buy a card for every month, and she will be looking to babysit as much as she can to keep her phone active. She has been into making videos on various topics which she then posts on youtube, and has been the only one of my daughters to be a girly girl from the beginning with an interest in hair, makeup and clothes.

 Oh, and how could I forget, she is a huge Directioneer! If you don't know what that is, consider yourself blissfully unaware!
Here is a hint:

Eli is in 5th grade. He has a core group of friends he hangs out with getting into all kinds of mischief. His favorite interests are WWE, XBox and Airsoft gun wars. He also was really looking forward to football this fall but as you may have noticed from facebook, he broke his arm the end of the first game. He was so upset to miss the season, but he was a trooper about it. He was one happy boy the day he got his cast off! He really likes his teacher this year and likes his turn at being a crossing guard. He is the baby, but he is not only growing up but is almost as tall as me now. (Not that I am tall by any means...)

As for me, I've been enjoying a lot of home time. I needed a physical and mental break and have been really enjoying being out of the rat race. I have been able to spend more time on crafts, reading, and with the kids. I was sad to sell my vintage trailer, but then was later blessed with a free one, which I look forward to fixing up and taking on a camping trip next summer. This year I was also able to travel to Utah to my mission reunion and had the best time meeting up with old mission friends and my mission president and his wife.

I'm really looking forward to 2013, and hopefully to spending some time with many of you! Hope you all enjoy a safe and healthy new year with loved ones!

The Leavitt's

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