Sunday, September 23, 2012

A door able

Remember this old thing? Months ago after making and hanging the shutters I promised I would do something with this door? Well finally I did.
The screen in the top was held on with duct tape. The metal part of the door had various drips of different paints, scuffs, and such. It just was a boring eyesore that I wanted to fix up a bit and make it more welcoming. 
The door got the same paint makeover as the shutters. I am a lover of white, but the white front door was actually just a primed door and meant to be painted, and with a white door and white house, it just was nothing special.

I repaired the screen, doing away with the need for duct tape, and painted the door, making it stand out less and have a cleaner, neater look. You get the benefit of our fall decorations with this photo, and if you look closely, my reflection in the screen window taking this photo. Scroll back up to the top and then down to this photo and you have to say, it does look a bit better.  

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