Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time to Myself?

OK, so Jeff has the week off work and it's his birthday week, so I thought the kids might enjoy spending some time with him, afterall, when the divorce is final they will be spending more time with him and for weeks at a time in the summer. I thought, ahhh, a few days all to myself to do whatever I want, work on projects, not have to hear fighting all day or worry about feeding kids.

So, the kids went to Jeffs on Sunday as usual, on Sunday evening Zoey came by for a couple of hours. On monday Riley came home crying because she missed me (please note she has been gone from me for longer than 24 hours before with no problems), then Zoey came by again for a few hours. On Tuesday Eli came home crying wanting to spend time with me before he and Riley went back to Jeffs that afternoon. First thing this morning, and by first thing let me say I mean first thing when I got out of bed at 9:00 am, Max came rolling in ready to cash his check, buy his phone, pay a couple of bills, (thank you very much Max!) and buy me lunch. (He can be a sweet boy).

So, (again with the 'so'), as you can see I really did not have a full day to myself. Even so, I managed to work on a couple of projects.

I've been working on these buttons. They aren't finished yet, I'm building collages a bit at a time to get it just right.

And I worked on some necklaces. You might notice some of the rusty pieces from my last post. The problem I have with most of the stuff I work on or make is that I end up wanting to keep it myself. I need to be more like Riley, as soon as she finishes a project she tires of it, tosses it out, and starts the new one. I wouldn't 'toss out' my projects, but I wish it was easier to let them go.

Alas, the children will all be home later today. And that, folks, was our major fail attempt at time to 'myself'.!

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  1. Well Zoey is old, so you can't really expect to send her off to Jeff's for the week, silly. And at least I didn't bug you!