Monday, April 23, 2012

Shutter Bug

So here is the problem. A barren front window that takes up a majority of the facade of our half of a semi-detached as the Canadians on HGTV like to say. It needed something.   So I started with a pile of old boards salvaged from a fence at the Grands place in Union. I set up my salvaged sawhorses and set to work cutting and nailing.
When the shutters were together I painted them. The wood was so dry it took a couple of coats. The first coat settled in like a stain and although I liked the effect, it wasn't colorful enough. A note on the color, although purple was not my first choice it looked better than what I had originally wanted, against the already dark teal that is on the house.


Max and Zoey helped attach them in place, and wa la! The window looks dressed. I also made shutters for the smaller window on the other side of the front door.

Speaking of front door, it is my next project. It has an ugly screen door that gets in the way of having a wreath or any kind of door hanging, and it's just plain shabby. Now normally I like shabby things, but its held together with duck tape and not at all shic go go along with the shabby. What to do. Stay tuned.

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